Things to Know about Dating Asian Women

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April 27, 2017

Preparation often leads to success. Same thing goes with dating. Doing your research and knowing how to woo your girl is essential. Some women may be tough to understand, especially if you have different cultures. Nevertheless, here are some things that may help to know Asian women.

  1. Leaving the shoes outside of the house. A typical habit of Asians that needs to be practiced.
  2. Using chopsticks. Most Asian countries use chopstick in different ways, so better be prepared to learn it.
  3. They may not know other language aside from English and they are not miss know it all.
  4. They know another language aside from English. Since that is not their natural speaking thing.
  5. Respond to that language and know a few words. If not, how will you communicate and understand each other?
  6. Parents have a schedule for everything. Dance, Piano or whatever activities that will help their children, Asian does that well each time.
  7. Playing an instrument is a must. Activities are well planned so expect this with your girl.
  8. The bill will be paid by her. That’s how the custom for paying is done, the Asian way.
  9. Parents will decline a suitor instantly. Arrange marriage is the preferred deal.
  10. Eat what the parents cooked, no questions asked. Never take for granted the food given even if they don’t like you.


Take note of these 10 must know. Culture and respect is valued by Asians. Better to be aware and somehow understand how they are. Some rules can be bend and nowadays, it is proven that there are rules that have been given an open perspective. Enjoy the dating process and learn more with each other. At the end of the day, life is about being happy and being loved. Everyone has a unique character that leaves a mark to the right person.


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